Stretch Yourself

This is one of those weeks when I’ve spent most of the week and my entire day today doing research (Girard is in class all day). 

I am always trying to live at the highest level of my personal best!

To do this, I have to spend time working on my craft.

***Word of Advice***

Never take for granted the importance of always working to master your craft. It WILL make or break you. As a football fan, I am watching players who ‘used’ to be great but now ‘look’ like they’ve gotten so into the fame of the sport that they have forgotten to continue mastering their craft (which is what keeps them in play).

So … I’ve been doing alot of reading, listening to podcasts, creating client tools and self reflecting.

Those who know me…know I LOVE❤❤the work and teachings of Jim Rohn. While building out some tools on Work Ethic, I came across the attached quote.

It made me pause and reflect. I remember a statement I used to share with my teams at Verizon, “Our ability to perform at such high levels was not me being great and doing the work. What I was GREAT at was helping people WIN and WINNING is like crack cocaine. Once you’ve had it, you’ll find your way back to it!” 

Your spirit desires to WIN! It longs for it.

Jim Rohn sums it up in this one statement… “You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.”

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