Resilience is about helping individuals understand how their energy flows during times of change.

With the administration of a Personal Resilience Profile, we determine how well you can absorb disruptive change and the daily challenges of life while maintaining high levels of performance. It provides insight into your energy flow and your problem solving during times of change.

Gaining an understanding of the data within the Personal Resilience Profile helps individuals prolong the time of impact once disruption happens, reduce unproductive time, and assist with returning to high performance and well-being.

How does it work?
To get started, I’ll email you a link to complete the Personal Resilience Assessment. The assessment usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and should be taken in one sitting. Once completed, we’ll schedule a meeting to further explain your Personal Resilience Profile and you’ll receive literature to review before that meeting.

During the meeting, there’s a quick refresher on the challenges of change, the energy flow, and the Resilience characteristics. Then we breakdown your profile, outlining your energy flow during times of change, how you problem-solve during times of change, and review the intercorrelations of the 7 resilience characteristics as you are going thru change.

Understanding how your energy flows during times of change is a game-changer in your overall success! Connect with me to get your Personal Resilience Profile.

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