Intentional Inclusion

Last year, I was nominated as one of Wilmington’s Most Intriguing People by The Greater Wilmington Business Journal and was given the opportunity to speak on a topic that’s near and dear to me at the last Power Breakfast.

Intentional Inclusion.

I shared a personal story about my son’s experience while visiting Wilmington as well as my correlation back to what it must be like to be in the majority in Wilmington after spending 10 days in Prince George County, Maryland…the county with the most affluent African American communities in America.

I left the audience with one request:

“When you sit in the seat of the majority, I ask that you be Intentionally Inclusive with the Power and Privilege that comes with it.”

With blacks being less than 15% of the population of Wilmington…”Help me create a Wilmington where it’s not so difficult to be black and raise a family.”

As a Resilience Coach, I know change can be challenging.

Especially changes in mindset.

However, if each of us does our part the burden doesn’t fall on one person or one segment of people.

I know we can’t rewrite Wilmington’s history, however, we can be on the right side of writing today’s history.

Tracey Newkirk was formally known as Tracey Jackson prior to her 2019 marriage to Girard Newkirk

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