Human Energy is the Currency of Change

We met on March 6th and were married by Aug 8th.

I knew from our very first conversation that I was in love with him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Since marrying, we have basically been inseparable.  Because we both run our own businesses, we have the opportunity to do almost everything together.  We work together, eat together, exercise together, attend the same meetings, etc, etc.

I never tire of his conversations, dreams, goals and of course sense of humor.

Since getting married on Aug 8th, we have been on the go nonstop.  We both had back to back speaking engagements in DC. Church retreat.  Family weddings and other gatherings. Google StartUp for Black Founders Exchange week-long orientation.  The babies’ birthday party…etc, etc.

This past Monday, I woke up and felt like a totally different person.

I was melancholy.  Sad and felt like I was in low-grade depression.

Nothing he, the love of my life, tried could soothe me.  It came to the point where I was even testy with him.

After a good night’s sleep and reflecting on the day before… I realized… I was exhausted.  I was so physically tired…it was pulling on my other energy currencies emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So what do I mean energy “currencies”?

As you are managing major life disruptions or the daily challenges of life, you only have a finite supply of energy to effectively do so and maintain high levels of performance.

From a Resilience Alliance perspective, how your energy flows through what they call the seven Resilience Characteristics will determine your outcomes.

So, with me being so physically exhausted, it started to pull on my mental, emotional and spiritual state.  I had no currency in my bank to engage, prioritize, be flexible and disciplined nor take action effectively.  I needed to replenish my bank.

I spent two days resting and recalibrating.

I was then able to have a quality discussion with my love as to what the real issues were and where some of my frustrations were coming from.

Fortunately for me, he knew, as a Resilience Coach, I’d come around.

This situation made me realize there are so many people out there in relationships that mean the absolute world to them and have low resilient moments that have potential long term detrimental impacts…leaving them in broken, damaged or irreparable situations.

Understanding how your energy flows and how you problem-solve during times of change will assist you understanding how you can replenish your currency more effectively and provide a more resilient response.

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